Social Media Copywriting

Social media marketing and copywriting is a key part of a marketing strategy for businesses. There is more that goes behind the scenes of copywriting for social media. It’s understanding who your target audience is, the right social media channel to use, when and how often to post, what type of content to share, and how you speak to your customers online.

Social media is a place to be well… social, and be yourself.  It’s important the social media copy you write, and the interactions with your online community reflect this.  However, it not only serves as a platform for socialising and connecting with others, but it’s also a place where people can learn about your business and where you can attract your dream customers.  

Why else should I invest in social media copywriting services?

  • Build brand awareness and trust for your product or service
  • Create connection and build online communities
  • Increased authority and brand recognition
  • Attract your dream clients and get sales leads
  • Increased online visibility and SEO
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Drive high-quality traffic from social media to your website
  • Leverage on paid social media advertising
  • Share blog articles on your social media platforms

Well-crafted social media copy is vital in order to cut through the noise, stand out and provide relevant content that’s shareable and people will rave about.

Remove the thinking of what emotive or power words to use,  how to write copy that will attract people’s attention, or wording for calls to action that will drive click-through from Facebook Ads.

We can help you with:

+ Compelling Social Media Post Content

Write, edit and publish engaging content for various social channels – including Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

+ Facebook & Instagram Ad Copywriting

+ Content Calendar Planning

+ 1:1 Content Brand Voice & Identity Sessions

The Process. We keep it simple.

  1. Get in touch with us to book a discovery meeting
  2. Understand where you are at, where you are going and what your requirements are
  3. Proposed recommendations for you to review
  4. Approval of proposal
  5. Action next steps

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