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Thank you for checking us out.  Are you an ambitious, passionate and purposeful entrepreneur who strives for success in your business,  in your role within the company, or you simply want to make a difference and a stamp in your industry.  If so, we’ve found some common ground.  Since I was a child, I always glanced at the felt pen marked quote on my bedroom wall reminding me to “shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you will land among the stars”.  I still live by this quote today, and somehow, it’s lead me here, and my chapter with evolving Craft ‘n Connect. 

But it’s not about me, I would really love to know what your story is.  You might be an established business with an overflow of work and limited resources to build and grow your online presence, but know it still needs to be a priority.  Or, you may be a start-up and a small business, needing help with written content and some fine finessing over your words.  

You may have developed a new product or brand and would like some help with allowing your customers to truly experience it, to understand what your values are and, what makes you different.  Whether it’s powerful brand messaging, catchy taglines, emotive words that stirs the heart and gives all the feels – creative writing is our thing, so we can certainly help.

We specialise in providing creative content for your digital channels with SEO in mind, so we’ll ensure your keywords are weaved in nicely to assist with Google rankings.  We’d love to relieve the load and help with your copywriting to effectively communicate your story and unique offer – leaving you with more time to focus on the bigger picture and working ‘on’ your business.

Look forward to connecting with you!

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Hey hey! Are you also a creative entrepreneur and looking to collaborate on a project? As we know for sure, it's hard to take on everything on your own. Whether you're a designer, video editor, web developer that's keen to team up with a writer to polish off a project, we’d love to help with the words. We currently work alongside a pool of talented creatives and techy individuals to complement their services to clients, and always have heaps of fun doing so. We're always keen to connect with inspiring & other like-minded individuals. You can find out a bit more about my back story in the link below to gauge if we'd be a fit 💁. • https://craftnconnect.co.nz/our-story/ #manyhandsmakelightwork ⚡ #collabsforthewin 🤜🤛



Whoa, I can't believe it's October already. Which means the end of year is looming and doors will be shutting for the Christmas/New Year holiday. If you have any last minute content that needs written up before the silly season - hit us up sooner than later. Just like any other type of business, we have lead times too. If you're on top of it all, yay good on you! Now is a good time to reflect and look at what your marketing requirements might be for the new year... I know, weird to be thinking of 2020 already 🙀 🙀.. - Have a happy, calm & collected Thursday peeps! - - 📸 @helenab.photography



So proud to be a part of communicating @getbluelab's story on their recent launch of the Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android! Equipping growers worldwide with fast & accurate data to better manage crop health on the go in the field 🌱🥝. • Not to mention, they also took home 'Excellence in Innovation' from the @bayofplentynz Export Awards this year, aaaaaand are in the finals for the NZ International Business Awards (Excellence in Innovation category). • Talk about winning! 🙌🏆 #NZIBA #NZTE. • @nzte @jonojones @adrygy @coachjulessimp



Some client love from @getbluelab @jonojones @adrygy 🙏 🌱 Cheers guys!



Rapt to announce our new website has launched! We'd love for you to check it out. Visit craftnconnect.co.nz & let us know what you think! 🤓 @jarrydada @jbadamsnz @robdotnz @helenab.photography @lavalphotovideo @onewaytik #newwebsite #websitelaunch #craftnconnect #copywriting #creativewriter #contentwriting



"We don't want to be something for everybody, we want to be everything for some people." - Carlos Ghosn. Oh I love this quote! I'm a huge believer you'll naturally attract those in your life who are in alignment with you. This can also be applied in business with how you choose to speak to your audience. Those drawn to you will not only become your loyal customers, but your best advocates for your brand. Be everything to someone 🖤 Photo by the fabulous @lavalphotovideo #alignment #staytruetoyou #attractyourcustomers #whoareyourpeople



Us humans have such short attention spans 💭. (Huh, say what?). It’s handy to keep the upside-down pyramid model in mind when writing. Structure your most important message at the top ☝️ with a punchy headline 🥊. Followed by drilling down to the details & supporting information. ° ° Shot by @mileshardacre #tuesdaytips #craftnconnect #copywriting



Do you hear yourself say, dammit, probably should’ve checked that? 🤦 Here are 3 #tuesdaytips you can check you’re actioning when launching a new site, or releasing an online newsletter to your subscribers. - - ✅Know your audience. Make sure your content is relevant and interesting to who you’re specifically targeting. - - ✅Connect and speak directly to your audience. It can be as simple as using terms like ‘you’ and ‘your’. - - ✅Cut the jargon. ✂️Your reader needs to be able to understand and resonate with your content. Avoid filling it with industry and technical terms that your colleagues get, but your customers ain't got a clue 🤷‍♀️. - - Or, if you need a hand (oh heeey 👋), drop me a DM. - - - #copywriting #wordsmith #contentwriting #webcopytips #edmtips #copywriternz #words #writer #content #writing #nzwriters #contentcreators #whatsyourstory #craftingcopy #craftnconnect #storytelling #wordsthatwoo #copythatconnects #weavingstories #smallbizowner #smallbiz #smallbusiness #creativebusiness #businesschicks #tauranganz #bayofplentynz #nz



What’s Your Story? We can help tell it 💫 I hear you say, so... what do you do? #contentwriting #wordsmithing #storytelling #copywriting #write #blogs #websitecontent #writeforonline #onlinenewsletters #socialcopy #connectwithyourcustomers #marketing Drop us a DM, or check out our site. Link in bio. • 🎥 Shout out to @robdotnz for the brand vid 🙌

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