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Thank you for checking us out.  Are you an ambitious, passionate and purposeful entrepreneur who strives for success in your business,  in your role within the company, or you simply want to make a difference and a stamp in your industry.  If so, we’ve found some common ground.  I still recall glancing at the felt pen marked quote on my old bedroom wall reminding me to “shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.  I still live by this quote today, and somehow, it’s lead me here, and my chapter with evolving Craft ‘n Connect and love for words. 

But it’s not about me, I would really love to know more about you, and your story.  You might be an established business with an overflow of work and limited resources to build and grow your online presence, but know it still needs to be a priority.  Or, you may be a start-up and a small business, needing help with written content and some fine finessing over your words.  

You may have developed a new product or brand and would like some help with allowing your customers to truly experience it, to understand what your values are and, what makes you different.  Whether it’s powerful brand messaging, catchy taglines, emotive words that stirs the heart and gives all the feels – creative writing is our thing, so we can certainly help.

We specialise in providing creative writing services for your website, other digital channels and with SEO in mind. This way, we’ll ensure your keywords are weaved in nicely to assist with Google rankings.  We’d love to relieve the load and help with your copywriting to effectively communicate your story and unique offer – leaving you with more time to focus on the bigger picture and working ‘on’ your business.

Look forward to connecting with you.

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YOUR HARD WHY. We recently listened to podcast by #BrookeCastillo and she talks about your 'hard why' and how it's a question we should be asking ourselves. Our 'why' is the foundation to what gives you drive and propels you forward. Whether you're in business, working in a specific industry & company or turned your hobby into a full time gig - why do you do what you do? 🤔💭 ...A thought worth weaving into your content. Feel free to comment below 👇 we'd love to hear what your why is, and we're sure many others would too! 🙌 #whatsyourwhy #letsgetpersonal #purpose • • • • • • #why #storytelling #backstory #mission #curiosity #inquisitive #podcasts #inspiration #businesscoach #thoughts #wordforthought #copywriting #wordsmith #contentwriting #copywriternz #nzwriters #craftnconnect #mtmaunganui #bayofplentynz #taurangabusiness #newzealandbusiness #nzsmallbusiness #womeninbiz #creativepreneur



Going into the weekend like… We thought you’d like some cuteness in your feed after your week back at work. 😍 #happyfriday #weekendvibes #beachlife #dogsofinstagram #thepuppywewant #wishdog #sunshineandsea #puppylove #labradoodlee #doodles #worklifebalance #friyay #girlboss #bayofplentynz #balance #fun #creativeprocess #copywriternz #smallbusinessesnz #freelancer #mtmaunganui #tauranganz #copywriting #creativewriter #content



Where the magic happens ✨ #wordforthought⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wordsofwisdom⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wordsofwednesday



“I want it now” - yes that’s you. Demanding human. Consumer’s expectations are higher than ever. Our smartphones which never leave our side, have conditioned us to receive instant gratification when we’re looking for it. These, “I want to…know/do/go/watch/buy moments” are ‘micro-moments’ – an intent-rich moment when someone turns to a device to act on a need. This makes the relevance, quality and usefulness of marketing so important. - ⏺️ Find out what your customers “I-want-to-buy” moments are. - ⏺️ Identify the questions your customers are asking. - ⏺️ Provide content that fulfils what your customers are searching. - ⏺️ Be current and relevant. - ⏺️ Be mobile friendly (majority of micro-moments occur here). - ⏺️ Make sure the solution is easy to find. What was your micro-moment today? Looking at our own behaviour will help you decide how you satisfy your customer’s micro-moments 💭. • • #micromoments #instantgratification #iwantitnow #intentrichmoment #actingonneeds #humanbehaviour #customerbuyingprocess



Got any exciting plans? We’re talking about the Xmas holidays, but also your content 😁. - Make your calendar work for you, and be more than a date scheduler.. - ☝️ Plan ahead. Block out key dates and holidays for the year you want to acknowledge or associate your brand/content with. - ☝️Timing. Ensure when publishing content, it's when your audience is most active online, so they're likely to see it. - ☝️Be there when they need it.  Plan content according to the pain they want a solution to, during specific moments. Eg. If you sell real estate, and your potential buyers are looking for apartments, look at the range of reasons why, and tailor content surrounding this buying decision. Here's a few content & planning tools that keep us in check ✅. - - ⚫Airtable. ⚫Trello. ⚫Planoly. ⚫Google Sheets. ⚫Asana. What do you like to use? Happy planning 📝



Wow! It’s been a year since we brought Craft ‘n Connect to life. What a first year it’s been - filled with learnings, development, new relationships and growth. Although a one-man band, it’s near impossible without a network and support crew backing you along the way. So, thank you to everyone who I've collaborated and worked with, who has offered a sounding board, business advice, and words of encouragement throughout this journey 🙏. • Enjoy the final weeks of this year & bring on 2020! • 📸 @alexspodyneiko @sitashairandmakeup #1yearanniversay #gratitude #2019reflections #startupnz #craftnconnect #weavingstories #craftingcopy #copywriting #nzwriters #creativepreneur #smallbusiness #businesschicks #tauranganewzealand



We need one of these epic @electricridernz e-scooters in our life! Always fun writing about these. Cheers for the opportunity and feedback @jbadamsnz @jarrydada 🙌🙏. • Scoot over to their page and check em' out: electricrider.co.nz



Your competitors are offering similar products or services, and as creatures of comfort, customers naturally want to purchase from a brand they trust, feel connected to, or feel comfortable with. Differentiate yourself from the competition by demonstrating your personality through your content. • “The manufacturer who dedicates their advertising to building the most sharply defined personality for their brand will get the largest share of the market” – David Ogilvy. Before clicking ‘publish’, think about whether your content shows off your brand personality. This could include your voice, style, tone, word choice, values – all whilst keeping in mind your customer’s needs and desires 😉 • • 📸 @alexspodyneiko @sitashairandmakeup



To hyphenate, or to not? Does this sentence make sense? Nailing your copy isn’t just about being able to spell and jotting down what your offer is. It’s always a good idea to have an extra eye over your content to ensure it’s polished and reads well from another perspective 🕵️‍♀️. • Not only will grammatical errors give off a negative impression to your customers (especially with spellcheck available on every platform), but our mate Google won’t favour your content, and you'll see a drop in rankings. It’s worth having your website audited and your copy flossed over by a specialist. However, there are a few awesome tools out there that not only check your spelling, but grammar and punctuation also. A few of our faves are: ⏺️ @grammarly ⏺️ @prowritingaid.insta ⏺️ WhiteSmoke. Have a great weekend folks! A bit of Scrabble fun can help too! 🔠😝 #WORD

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