A global leader in the production of grower tools that support crop performance in the controlled environment agriculture market.
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Bluelab is an innovative, agricultural technology company that exports specialist horticultural testing equipment globally.

With the mission to elevate the standard of growing into an art form, with a vision of a healthier world free of pesticides, reduced water usage and fewer food miles.

NZ International Business Awards
Excellence in Digital Commerce Transformation 2021
Excellence in Innovation Award Winners 2019 

Bluelab was going through a digital transformation and in a phase of growth. They needed a copywriting specialist to help produce content to build brand awareness, communicate their purpose and position themselves as thought-leaders in their field by contributing to The Art of Growing blog series. 

As award-winning industry leaders, producing high-quality and valuable content for their target audiences was vital. We had to ensure the copy was concise, insightful and backed with research. It was also essential to break down scientific or technical terminology to ensure it was digestible and enjoyable to read. All while remaining educational and getting key messages across to audiences, at various stages of their growing journey.

 How we supported Bluelab: 

+ 3-4 blog articles per month 

+ Produce articles from webinar interviews and transcripts 

+ Research-based, valuable and educational articles 

+ Additional copywriting resource