5 Pro Tips To Content Writing

Starter Tips for Aspiring Content Writers

Do you want to be famous like the novelist Joy Cowley, or the alchemist author Ernest Rutherford, or the gender map psychology book writer John Money? Or do you dream to be an award-winning screenwriter just like Richard Curtis and Jane Campion?

All these great New Zealand authors and writers had to start somewhere. That is the first step, simply start, review, improve and continuously develop yourself as a writer. Writing becomes easier these days because there is access to many learning resources and information online. In this virtual era, you have the tools available to you to practise content writing.

Whether you are a news, feature, or literary writer, you can apply the following five tips to do it better and faster.

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Keep on developing your skills as a writer

We are not only referring to the one skill of writing, but other skills to help keep you growing as a writer. Aside from improving your vocabulary, syntax, grammar and writing style, you have to develop a keen observation of others, read and research in order to level up as a writer.

Reading and researching widens your knowledge, enhances your understanding, is a source of inspiration, boosts imagination and creativity. Reference materials will also provide you with new information to help you check the facts on the topic you are tackling. All of this contributes to becoming a better writer.

Observe and listen to the people you meet. By talking less and allowing yourself to listen, you will better understand what others are expressing and you will pick up more information by observing their gestures, tone of voice and expressions.

Getting out of your comfort zone, taking on new experiences and learning a new activity will help you gain a better understanding of the world around you. For example, if you’re writing about public transportation, what better way to craft a compelling article on this than by walking in the shoes of a public transport commuter.

Writing habits

Writing is one of those tasks that require focus, research and gathering of thoughts. The space you are in when writing is key. Is it comfortable, quiet and do you have the tools required to do the job at hand?

Taking regular breaks and stepping away from your work is beneficial for regaining focus and clarity of your work. Returning to your work with a fresh mind will help you edit, refine and pick up any spelling or grammatical errors with ease.

Here are some further tips on creating Good Writing Habits

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Use images to enhance your copy

Images can add to your copy, your delivery of the message and breaks the wall of your text throughout your article. There are plenty of free image sources you can use including Pexels, iStock, Adobe Stock, Unsplash and Canva which can also be used as a graphic design platform with templates for the beginner.

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Use online tools to help you

Crafting compelling copy isn’t simply typing out words. You need to deliver the message that is clear, concise and ensure it reads well, has style, reflects your tone of voice. All whilst having keywords and phrases weaved in nicely to assist with Google rankings.

Writers are human and make mistakes. However there are tools to help keep us in check.

Grammarly is a free online writing app to assist you with your content and ensuring it is clear and effective. This tool takes the guesswork out of writing and will eliminate grammatical errors. This online plagiarism checker is also good to use to ensure there are no issues related to other online content.

Other online tools to assist you with your writing journey include:

  • Podcast Addict. Listening to podcasts helps with motivation, inspiration and provides you with learnings and tips from other professional industry experts.
  • Planoly. This is a great scheduling tool if you are posting content on Instagram. It provides you with a visual preview of your feed before the posts go live.
  • Airtable.  This content scheduler is great for planning and loading content months ahead across a range of mediums. You are able to personalise it to how you want to edit and label columns for your copywriting organisation. 

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